A Reject’s Christmas Tale


Key Stage 2

A Christmas show with strong links to the PSHE curriculum. Highlighting key issues of friendship, peer pressure, thinking about others, making choices and resolving conflicts resulting in new beginnings and overcoming bullying.

Has technology finally lead to the death of traditional toys? Will the dreadful Miss Penny Drops destroy any hope of the elves completing their mission to help Santa deliver all the rejected toys to new loving homes on Christmas morning. Who will it be that saves the day? Maybe the poor, mistreated, broken toys have more to offer than anyone could imagine.

70 mins
Speaking Roles
Cast Size
31 - 64
Ideal Cast Size

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A Musical Christmas Show for Schools and Drama Groups covering PSHE topics exploring the issues of Bullying and Teamwork.

A heartwarming musical full of fun, friendship, teamwork, hope and magic dust.

Welcome to the Elves and Mrs Wimple’s toy shop, home to all the abandoned toys of Christmas past. It’s the job of Mrs Wimple and Santa’s elves to repair all the neglected toys, ready to be delivered to new loving homes on Christmas morning. Join everyone at the toy shop in the midst of a Christmas crisis. It seems technology is leading to the death of traditional toys. More toys than ever before have been cast out with the rubbish. Unwanted reject toys are being delivered to the shop by the sack load and it’s almost Christmas Eve. The elves are in an unelfy state, Mrs Wimple is burying her head in the stuffing and time is running out.

Just when everyone thought things couldn’t get any worse; the selfish, stone-hearted Miss Penny Drops arrives banging on the door, with her slapstick side-kicks. She’s an empire to think about and no one will stand in her way, especially not a toy shop full of little green people and useless reject toys. However, Miss Penny Drops is about to learn a valuable lesson, to never ever underestimate any one or anything, as all the reject toys pull together to try and save the day, the toy shop and Christmas.

Perfect for Young People to Perform

A heartwarming tale with a sprinkling of magic dust, a belly full of laughs, a dash of hope, a heap of courage, a stocking full of friendship and lots of love. Rediscover the true meaning of Christmas in this heartwarming musical. Featuring five original songs. ‘A Reject’s Christmas Tale’ is perfect for young people to perform.

For those looking to Stage a Musical Christmas Show covering PSHE topics look no further.

Featuring 5 songs:

  1. Welcome To Our Toy Shop
  2. Has the Penny Dropped 
  3. Perfect As They Are
  4. To Me, To You
  5. Success

ISBN: 978-1-912541-01-0 (Digital Download)

ISBN: 978-1-912541-00-3 (Hard Copy)


Miss Penny Drops91
Head Elf35
Elf 121
Elf 417
Elf 516
Elf 215

More Information

Speaking Parts: 47

Chorus: 17+

Smallest Cast: 31

1.Cut Elf numbers from 18 to 9 and share lines between remaining Elves.

2.Cut Builders numbers from 6 to 3 and share lines between remaining Builders.

3.Cut Police numbers from 4 to 2 and share lines between remaining Police.

4.Cut PA’s from 4 to 2 and share lines between remaining PA’s.

5.Don’t use any chorus.

Please Note: Miss Penny Drops could be played by 4 cast members. 1 in each scene to cut lines down.

If you require parts cutting any further please email info@scriptstostage.co.uk and we’ll do the work for you.

Chorus: Non Speaking – Children can be used in different scenes throughout as extras.

  • Toys
  • Elves
  • Builders

Package Contents

  • Downloadable Version

    • Downloadable Script
    • Licence to Perform
    • Character List
    • Props List
    • Live Lyrics for Rehearsals
    • Backing Music & Sound Effects for Performance
    • Tailored Drama Exercises
    • Email Support
    • Video Licence (Not for Profit)
    • Poster
    • Tickets
    • Projected Backdrop
    • All Instantly Downloadable

    Physical Version

    • Script
    • Producers Pack  (Includes General Drama Exercises, Tailored Drama Exercises, Props List, Character Info, Scene Breakdowns, Costumes, Staging, Lighting, Line Counts Per Scene.)
    • CD


    What Is This? It is illegal to perform, photocopy or video our scripts without a performance licence, a photocopying licence and a video licence. To keep things simple you can purchase our annual licence for one set fee to be covered to perform the show up to 8 times, reproduce the script and songs without worry within your school or business for 12 months from the date of purchase. The licence also allows parents or yourselves to video the finished production as long as it is not used for resale. (If you wish to produce videos for profit please contact us directly)

Script Samples

Song Samples

  • Welcome To Our Toyshop
  • Has The Penny Dropped
  • Perfect As They Are
  • To Me, To You
  • Success


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